Tuesday 21 October, 2014
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children
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The Editor

The Green Arrow is the Editor of the British Resistance website and several other informative sites.

He will have to do until we find someone better.


National Action - Occupy Nationalism

Written by Green Arrow

occupy-nationalism 500 x 370

According to their website, National Action is a bold new nationalist initiative that has been formed by experienced youth activists.

Anybody who is interested in activism and assisting them in their(our) struggle, should get in contact with them at the email shown below.

Reading from their blurb, they are working to a timetable and appear to have thought their plans through.

They have clearly defined objectives, that have been thought over in detail and are now ready to put into practise their plans.

Write to National Action by contacting us at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read their Strategy and Promotion document here.

We wish them luck, urge them to take care and thank them for their courage and devotion to Our Country.



paulpoppy 140 x 194Funny things words.  Put some of them together, into first sentences,  then paragraphs and they can make you laugh, cry or even go out and kill someone.

I suppose one day, there might be the chance that I will be charged with incitement to violence by something I have already written or have yet to write. 

In which case, a bunch of other words will be thrown together to show I was only speaking the truth - but that of course will be no defence in the jewish/zionist run world.

Now the word Nigger is not one that I would use personally but I have no problems with others using it to describe blacks, after all if it is good enough for them to use - which they do at every opportunity, then it is good enough for whitey to use.



stroop 140 x 235For those of you new to our deadly game, in which, if we lose, the white race is destroyed and the world left under the control of the jews and zionists, Never Again, is a slogan used by them to keep alive the myth of the holohoax - which is their main bulwark in preventing people discovering the truth about the past and their lies about their future plans for the genocide of the white race.

Smash down that defence and the world will see the true evil of the designated capitol nation of the New Jew Order, Israel and rise up against these vampires who are responsible for the deaths of millions of people over the last 2,000 years and the pillaging of the world.

Never Again - is a fraud.  There never was a need for a Never Again, because quite simply, it NEVER happened.



zionist-eu 140 x 93I have just returned from my local shop, which I always try to use for everything I need in consumables. They sometimes have good deals but usually you pay a few pence more than you would, if you were to go to the nearest ASDA's or Spit Tescos.

I have seen too many local shops close because people wanted to save a few pence.  If necessary, I will increase my bacon, sausage and egg consumption and drink more ale to help them keep going, besides the staff there have a great sense of humour and I have known them a lifetime.

Well it was whilst staring at a selection of beans, that I was interrupted and asked why was I laughing at the tins on the shelf.  Now in actual fact I was not laughing at the beans, nor the soup if it comes to that.

I was in fact, thinking about this article that was prompted by an email from Britain First, announcing that they were going to be putting forward candidates in the coming waste of time for democracy, European Elections to be held this May, and that made me laugh, when I thought of the title for this article.

When I briefly told my questioner, that there was in fact nothing laughable about the beans or the soup and that the offer of buy two, get one free, was most generous and that I was instead, thinking about the European Elections, I was informed with a smile, that I was a very strange person indeed, but always welcome.

So what was it about the article title I have chosen that made me laugh?  Well if you wanna see some more, then the rules of the game means you have to click on the Read More button.  Did you get the two clues as to what is coming?



Too many White Christian faces in Britain

Written by Green Arrow

 Time after time, our jewish Prime Minister David Cameron keeps on repeating how wonderful the moslems are, in his treasonous attempts to exterminate or dilute down to inconsequential, the British people whose land this is and will be again.

If there is one thing that will really unite labour and conservative politicians in the future, it will be  them hanging side by side, after they have been tried and hung for treason.



Official Statement from Truth-Graf

Written by Green Arrow

zion 160 x 159On Wednesday 5th of June 2013, Irish patriots, who are aware of what the jewish and zionist owned international banks of the world they seek to own outright are doing, attempted to awaken their sleeping Irish brothers and sisters by launching an audacious attack on a building in Dublin that was to have been the home of the now defunct Anglo Irish Bank and is now owned by Central Bank.

Very little about this brave attempt to awaken the Irish people was reported in the 96% Jewish owned world press, and what there was, was just the usual "scream of pain" from the jews about it being an "anti-semitic" attack because some of the graffiti daubed on the bank, read "Jewish supremacist destruction of indigenous Europeans" and "Zionist global financial terrorism".

Now fair play to the Irish lads, when they do something they do it right.


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