Sunday 26 October, 2014
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goldendawn 140 x 93Some of you will have read the news that the Jews have given Greece "permission" to ban the successful national socialist party Golden Dawn, because of their increasing concerns that the truth being published by this real patriotic party, is starting to wake up the Greek people.

A people whose country is being raped by the global Zionists and a people who will show the vile, asset and Island stealing rapists the door of their country,  that is if they do not hang them first.

The messenger to the Greek traitor politicians was the European Union's Human rights commissioner, the Jew Nils Muiznieks.

Muisnieks who is recently back from worshiping at one of the almost compulsory Holohoax temples in all cities around the world - where the Jews and their cattle lick-spittles reaffirm their commitment to keeping the truth buried - told the Greek people that they must take tougher measures to combat the rise in popularity of Golden Dawn.

Prior to taking up his position as commissar, Muiznieks worked for another evil Jew, the rapist of the United Kingdom, George Soros, who is helping to feed, not the starving Greek people but the invading hordes who are displacing them from their jobs and homes as part of the Zionist's plan for the genocide of the white race.

Greece, which has the highest rate of illegal entry than any other country marked for destruction by the Zionist European Union, is understandably receptive to Golden Dawns honest campaign against immigration and their slogan "let's rid the country of this stench"  and see Golden Dawn, who are providing food parcels as their only chance of salvation.

They are right but can you imagine any of the cowardly, frightened of Jewish shadows, nationalist leaders in this country having the same courage of the Greeks?  Of course not, I can smell their fear all the way down here in Wales.

Now the Jews are saying that Greece now is like 1930's Germany and Golden Dawn must be crushed.  Apparently the fact that Golden Dawn has (unlike the cowardly so called nationalist leaders in our country) spoken the truth about the Holohoax and the fact that "There were no gas chambers; that's a lie" got them wetting themselves in fear.  The truth will out.

Well if Greece is like Germany in the 1930's, that is because the Jews have repeated history and made it the same with their stinking greed for gold.

Just as they raped Germany then, so to, do they now rape Greece, and so I for one welcome the news of the similarities and can only hope that the Greek people succeed in expelling not just the invaders but also the filth that imported the muck of the world into their beautiful land.


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