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syliviastolz 120 x 145Seriously now, you did not honestly think that I would just publish the link to the Petition calling for an inquiry into the Holocaust and then forget about it and move on, did you?

If you did, then you were seriously mistaken.  I do not cut and run because I bump into the combined opposition of apathy and perhaps even cowardice on the part of some of the readers of this site.

No, I persevere because I have learned that sometimes that extra push will do the job and make people re-evaluate their current stance on an issue.  So here we go again and if necessary we will go again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and ad infinitum.

Sylva Stolz, is the brave German Lawyer who was imprisoned for three and a half years for carrying out her duties, when she defended in court, another hero of the Truth Seeking movement, Ernst Zündel, who was subsequently sentenced to five years in prison for questioning whether the Holocaust did or did not happen.

Now Stolz is facing new charges of "incitement to Holocaust denial", which is a most serious crime in Zionist controlled Germany, after she spoke at a packed conference on Censorship and told how she had been prevented from presenting crucial evidence in defence of her client, Ernst Zündel at his trial. As you can see, when you visit the link, the new Jewish Army of Internet Warriors are attempting to get it removed.

At the end of her speech at the conference she narrated how Judge Meinerzhagen summed up at the trial, by saying it was "completely irrelevant whether the holocaust really did happen or did not happen. It is illegal to deny it in Germany, and that is all that counts in court.".  Amazing.

I suppose that is when Sylvia learnt that The Truth is No Defence.


Sylvia is married to another hero of Free Speech, Horst Mahler, a former communist who discovered the truth and who became an outspoken critic of the Jews, who is currently in jail serving a 12 years prison sentence for greeting an interviewer with a straight arm and a shout of "Heil Hitler, Herr Friedman".  A later court jailed the 73 year old Freedom Fighter for another six years, as he (Mahler) had proven that he was "not able to be re-educated" and that he as a judge should stop the "nationalist rattle".  Let us hope that one day that Judge is brought to Nationalist justice.

Now I for one have no intentions of being re-educated or stopping my nationalist rattle.  Show some balls and sign the petition and then when the numbers exceed 100, I will reveal my cunning plan.  Failing that, do not sign and do not look in the mirror when you shave, because you will find a coward staring back at you.

Nazi is just another word for Anti-Zionist


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