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childhate 150 x 100Have to be brief sorry as time is again tight - it always is these days.  So what we will do is this, I will rip the entrails out of the Guardian newspaper and you can supply the meaning to them in the comments section.

In an article written by a piece of human excrement with a fetish for people who wear Lycra, known as Peter Walker, The Guardian today published a story and a video on how the Jews, through the Holocaust Memorial Trust were intending to brainwash young British children by sending every single English secondary school a DVD containing a seven and half minute video about the Holohoax and other "teaching" materials.

The video, which is compiled of nothing but lies and half truths, uses very emotive language about young children being killed as soon as they arrived at the fictional "Nazi Death Camps" and only young fit Jewish Men being kept alive to work.  Strange then, how Germany today is paying billions of Euro's to Jews who say they were child inmates of the camps.

Repeated endlessly in the video is the magic number of six million, who the video says were gassed in rooms disguised as shower blocks - quite laughable really that bit.

Even the Jews themselves have, over the years, lowered the figure of 6 million down to less than one million (still way to high).

Remember when they first claimed that 4 million Jews were gassed in Auschwitz Birkenau?  Soon as people started doing their own research, the Jews knew they had to lower the number and stop further research into revealing the huge hoax they had played on the world by locking up in jail for 10 years or more anyone who questions the Myth of the Six Million.

But look, you can watch the video yourself.  Remember that most of the "England Football Squad" who feature in the video on the orders of their Jewish Master, David Bernstein, the chairman of the Football Association, are not even British let alone English.

Those who are, were too dull to do any research into discovering the truth about the Holohoax before they shamed themselves and football by appearing in this sickening child abuse propaganda video.

Fair play for our Deputy Editor, the Corsham Crusader, he was onto their comments section quicker than a terrier on a rat and left a rather good post revealing the truth about the Holohoax and advising people who did not believe what he said, to simply go and do their own research.

Well to be honest, we did not expect the comment to be up on the Guardian for long, especially when you consider that the site is run by a combination of mad Marxists and Jews and that the paper itself is part of the Project Syndicate that was set up by one of the worlds most evil men, the Jew George Soros who stole billions from Our Country a couple of decades ago.

Among the contributors is the race traitor, liar, war criminal and closet homosexual, Tony Blair.

So in the end, the comment left by our Deputy Editor lasted all of four hours (you know how basic the reading skills of a typical retard lefty moderator are) before being removed.  But not before over 120 people had given it the thumbs up to show their approval of what he had posted.

Shame on the Guardian, that publishes on a regular basis words such as Fuck and Cunt and states that

The newspaper does not alter or remove any of these expletive words posted by readers unless it is hate speech or the words are considered racist.

No, but what it will remove is the truth or anybody trying to point people in the direction of it.

Well you can judge for yourselves whether the Corsham Crusaders comment was "racist" or not, because I took a screen shot as soon as it had been posted and you can read it below.


All footballing fathers should endeavour to keep their children out of school on the day that this sick and disturbing piece of child abuse video is shown in their local schools.

On a separate issue.  The quote of the week for me, was from David "Levita" Cameron's "close" friend Michael Gove who said: "To suggest that antisemitism can ever be explained, rather than condemned, is insensitive and, frankly, bizarre". Made me smile if nobody else.  Don't ask questions, just condemn.

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