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gottfriedkussel 140 x 101Before you sit down to your evening meal, spare a moment to think about white national socialist hero Gottfried Küssel, who has just been sentenced to nine years in prison for setting up the website "Alpen-Donau" in Austria which was taken down by the Zionists in 2011.

The site, which published the truth about the plans of the Zionists and gave a forum to nationalists who wished to learn about the real origins of the Zionist started 2nd World War, also questioned the Holohoax and exposed the Anne Franks Diary as nothing more than another Jewish Fraud that was designed to make money and instil guilt in the minds of stupid unquestioning people.

Now think about the courage of Gottfried Küssel, because this is the second time he has been imprisoned for trying to preach the truth to the slaves of Zionism.

In 1992 along with a racial comrade, Klaus Kopanski, he was arrested and charged with Nazi revivalism and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, of which he served 7 and was released in 1999 for good behaviour.

Although arrested in 2011, the trial was delayed on several occasions until the state felt sure that they had found a jury that would find Gottfried guilty on the flimsiest of evidence - on a charge that should not even be a crime in a free country.

Since the culling of the white race by the Zionists during the 39-45 War, the Zionists, through their puppet politicians have "persuaded" the following countries Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland to make revealing the truth a crime, with varying degrees of imprisonment for those like Gottfried who are brave enough to speak the truth.

The Zionists, through the European Union, that they control, attempted to force the UK into making holocaust denial a crime in 2001 but were blocked on Freedom of Expression grounds - not sure that would work again in 2013.

However the UK puppet government has the optional right, to jail for a maximum of 3 years patriots who they say are guilty of "denying or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide" such as the Holohoax.

What are they so frightened of that they will not even allow our historians to research the past and lock up for a total of 19 years a man who questions the past?  You know the answer.  The truth.  Because the Truth would destroy them for ever.

Now those of you who accuse the Corsham Crusader and myself of being "keyboard warriors", then you should know, that like our racial and national socialist comrade Gottfried Küssel, we also are prepared to go to jail for what we believe is Our Duty to bring you the truth - and wonder if our critics have the courage of their convictions to do the same.  We doubt it.

We will endeavour to discover the prison address where Gottfried is falsley imprisoned, so you may send him a postcard expressing your thanks for his courage in keeping the dream alive and speaking the truth.


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