Friday 24 October, 2014
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edl-oy-vay2 120 x 196Just a short lead in article, before I ask you to watch, listen and hopefully after watching, think about what the American novelist and white patriot HA Covington has to say about, why he considers the British National Party to have been subverted by the Zionists and by extrapolation of his logic, you can see why I have always said the British Freedom Party, along with the English Defence League are also Zionist controlled.

I have already told you about the Zionist lick-spittle chairman of the British Freedom Party, Paul Weston in this article here, which was then followed up with another article in which I prove conclusively that the BFP are nothing more than a front for Israel and that the make-up wearing Tommy Robinson, who says he leads the EDL as well as being a Vice-chairman of the BFP, is also taking the Jewish shekel.

Now please, please, please, listen to what Mr Covington is saying and then let us have your thoughts on the subject.  You may also be very interested in what the speaker has to say about the late, great John Tyndall, Martin Webster as well as Nick Griffin.

Finally, it has come to my attention that some of you do not like this site exposing the truth about the Jews owning 96% of the world media.

Some of you are upset that I keep on pointing out that the Zionists own the banks of the world, which they are using as weapons to enslave the world.

In fact, some of you think I should not mention the Jews EVER.

Well all I have to say to those people, is curl up and die.  The white race needs real men right now, not fluffy, take it up the backside appeasers, who are to scared to go discover the truth let alone speak it, in case some foul marxist calls them a racist or Nazi.

The Corsham Crusader is waiting for your comments - so am I.

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