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weymanbennett 120 x 120The last I heard of the dribbling, self appointed general secretary of David Cameron's UAF, Weyman Bennett, he had been arrested for conspiracy to organise violent disorder back in March 2010 - he then seemed to vanish from the face of the world and I thought perhaps he had gone back to his roots.

Did he ever face trial? I do not know, do you? Has David Cameron condemned his violent actions? No. Has David Cameron had his name removed from being a key supporter of the UAF?  Of course not.

Well either way, the Draylon Bonett is back and still frothing at the mouth and this time over the fact some enterprising individual is making money out of the ridiculous fashion that many blacks had in the 70's for super sized Afro hairstyles and making washing up sponges that look like Disco Dancers.

sponge1 120 x 202Bennett for some reason, equates the fashion that many blacks adopted of having huge Afro hairstyles - that he says were "really invented in periods of slavery". What? Did they have Disco Dancing in Richmond back in the 1860's?

He also says that the washing up sponges reinforces negative stereotypes, although personally I find washing up sponges most useful and if I associate black people with anything, it is pants down around their ankles, bling, guns, steaming, muggings and knife crimes - oh and McDonalds.


Personally, although I would not buy one myself, I might go sponge2 120 x 309for the other washing up brush, that is produced by another company and go for the Punk One because it is more patriotic.

Bennett does make a good point when he asks if they will be producing Afro Hairstyle toilet brushes next - now one of those I might buy.

A good idea for once Draylon.

By the way, what happened to Tara?  You remember Tara, that big bloke who looked like the entire Pontypool front row, with the blue beard and who liked to dress as a woman.

Anybody notice that I have been trying to pad the article out because of the large size of the image on the right?

No. Good. Then I seem to have got away with it.

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