Thursday 23 October, 2014
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girlbehindbars_120_x_180Just checking over on the website of Councillor Kevin Edwards, who is supporting the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign, and I see that he is announcing a major breakthrough in their battle against the lies and the corruption of The Establishment in trying to prevent the truth about child abduction getting out to the British Public.

Councillor Edwards writes over there the following:"Taking on Bent Judges,Corrupt Politicians, Crooked Police Officers, Immoral and Dishonest Social Workers and Doctors, all who band together and hide behind a web of lies and illegal injunctions that they have concocted to save their own worthless necks was never going to be easy."

Well it has never been easy for those who fight for truth and justice but this time I believe the good guys are going to win for once.  Go to the site and enlarge the document images and read them for yourself to discover the truth. 

For more background on this please check out this previous article on this site.

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