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Why the West is Broke?

Written by Sarah Albion

western union sign

Those still baffled as to why the West is sinking into financial crisis, and how it came to pass that all the the nations which were great and rich world powers just a few decades ago are now either bankrupt or deeply in debt to the likes of China, may find an answer in the screen shots below.

All of which I took this morning after entering the words "Sending Money Home" into the Google search engine:



The jobs white folk won't do

Written by Sarah Albion


One of the great myths of our age, one repeated constantly in every white Western nation, is that immigrants do the jobs which natives of the particular nation, in our case, the English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, will not do. As such, the implication given, is that immigrants are essential to the continued well being of the host  nation.

What must things have been like before we lazy, work shy, Brits opened our doors and started ushering all these millions of willing dirty job doers in?



Ed Milliband addressing Labour conference

There he was on stage this week, that rather geeky little man with the disturbing stare who now leads the Labour Party, and he was chanting the same mantra they all keep repeating “I'm up for the fight to change Britain” he hooted in the unattractive nasal way he does, “Britain needs to change”.

They are all so addicted to that little word “change” aren’t they, they flourish it at every juncture and scatter it liberally through any speech, but what do they mean by it?



a man leaping over a cravass

Despite the intelligent and highly eloquent defence recently presented here by Frank Ellis, I have to admit that I was very ambivalent as to the value of  LSE professor Dr Satoshi Kanazawa's controversial research, published earlier this year, into race and attractiveness, and his purported findings that black women were generally found less attractive than women from other racial groups. 

Whereas I am a passionate believer in free speech, as well as the freedom of academic research, and was outraged by the attacks on Kanazawa and the calls for his dismissal, I failed to see the point of this research and what it had actually achieved.



The Genocide Watch logo

Genocide Watch has explained its reason for raising the South African genocide risk level to Stage Six out of eight potential risk levels.  Stage six "Preparation for Genocide" being just one stage below "Extermination".

For the last ten years, since Genocide Watch raised the South African risk level to level 5, the organisation has been particularly concerned by the level of violence and hate crimes perpetrated against the white population in particular the Afrikaner farming community.  Since 1994 between 30,000 and 40,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa, over 3,100 of these are farmers, making being a white farmer in South Africa statistically the most dangerous occupation on Earth.



A Truthful Historian ?!!

Written by Sarah Albion


Readers in the UK may want to watch the BBC iplayer version of last nights edition of Newsnight, in particular the section about 13 or 14 minutes in featuring a studio discussion regarding the recent riots, between Historian David Starkey, some token black woman and an arrogant, politically correct, little twerp who wrote a book called “Chavs” and hosted by the oh so right on auto-cutie Emily Maitlis. (readers outside the UK can view the relevant section of the show on YouTube here  - you may even wish to leave a comment)

Starkey started, controversially enough by announcing that Enoch Powell's prophesy had, in part come true, but then he went on to really set the discussion alight by stating that the whites who got involved in the rioting had "adopted black culture".  The token black woman and the twerp began attacking him immediately, clearly shocked that anyone would dare make a truthful statement about race on British television.  The twerp had obviously been reading up on Allinskey, as he even attempted to mock a man who is acknowledged as one of Britain's most eminent historians, but he did not succeed in leaving a mark.


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