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pepsipartylogoBack in October, it was reported that former aircraftman/Flt Lt/Wing Commander/Air Marshall(take your pick - he does) Peter Mullins, the leader of the vote splitting Pepsi Cola Party made approaches to Gerry "Unstable" Gable of The Establishment funded Searchlight Organisation, asking if they would give the new party, with it's "Teach the World to Sing" policies, some free publicity. 

Later one of the Pepsi Party members wrote the following over on the site of the deranged and violent lunatic Lee Barnes: "Searchlight themselves acknowledged that there is space on the spectrum for a party such as British Freedom."

At the time, I thought surely not.  That would be too great a betrayal of the Nationalist cause but now I am not so sure.  At the time, a rather astute commenter posted anonymously on the Legal Weevils site the following:-

Mr Barnes you are a zombie that got conned by reds pretending to be Nationalists to create another party and thus try to cypher off BNP supporters.
The elite must be loving the British freedom party. give it a few months down the line and the media will be hyping it up.

Sharp guy.  Because what he has written certainly seems to have happened or rather at least started to happen. 

I can confirm from our sources within the Pepsi Party, that Peter Mullins recent statements about a two part documentary about the Pepsi Party, in which it will focus on attacking the British National Party is to be made in collusion with the BBC

In return for the publicity, Mullins has agreed to provide lots of fabricated lies and half truths, so the BBC may show "what lies beneath" the real BNP.

Of course the state controlled BBC just cannot spring this "new democratic" party - that has been created to try and destabilise and take away votes from the British National Party - onto the public, so they must introduce it slowly. 

And so they did with, an article containing quotes and an interview with another deranged lunatic, Simon Bennett who promptly started to earn his keep.

"When I first got involved with the party I just automatically assumed I was dealing with professionals, people who knew what they were doing," said Mr Bennett.

"It took a year for me to realise I was working with complete morons."

Now first a quick reminder of just what crimes Bennett is guilty of.

Forget for one moment the countless people he has threatened to kill personally.  Forget his boastings of beating a man's face in with a house-brick.  Forget his proud claim to have a murderer as a father.  Forget all that that for now. 

This is what he did to betray the British People during the run-up to the general election.

  1. He brought down the BNP website during the general election.
  2. He sabotaged the BNP email communications prior to the elections and then destroyed them totally two days before the elections.
  3. He removed the BNP Chairmans European Union Website.
  4. He prevented the ability for the BNP to receive much needed donations during the election.
  5. He destroyed the informative Land and People website and destroyed years worth of work and research on issues of interest to the entire world.
  6. He destroyed the website of the Christian Council of Great Britain.

And then the final irony, Bennett talks about professionalism.  In fact Bennett keeps chanting that he is a professional, clearly believing if he says it enough times someone might even believe him, even himself. 

Was it professionalism when Bennett tried to extort £12,000 from the British National Party, of course not.  That is the act of a common little thief. 

The Establishment and Searchlight supported Pepsi Party are welcome to the lowlife Bennett and the rest of the violent lunatics they have within their ranks.  I look forward to exposing them all on a regular basis.   James, James, James, just who or what have you got into bed with?  Not too late for you kinsman, come back while you still have a chance.

Now then, as a special treat for sticking with me so far, here is a video of Simon Bennett speaking to the BBC, in which for once he actually speaks the truth.  Take it away RatBoy.

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