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maureenMessent_120_x_168As a result of the disgusting anti-white tirade against the true British People in the rag Birmingham Mail, many people left comments expressing their disgust and calling for the race traitor and bigot Maureen Messent to be sacked and the article removed.

Shamefully the Birmingham Mail, ignored the requests from outraged readers and so our own Corsham Crusader penned the following email to Stacey Barnfield the Executive Editor of the anti-British rag, Birmingham Mail that all decent people should now boycott and those companies that advertise in it.

Dear Stacey,
I would like to bring to your attention the appalling anti-white racism from your columnist, Maureen Messent.  I shall be reporting this to the police as a 'Hate Crime' because if you or I were to write the bile that she has in her column in the Birmingham Mail with the ethnicities reversed then we would be hauled over the coals and probably put in jail.
I would like to see you print a public apology immediately, or better still, ask Maureen to print one in her column as well, and then tender her resignation.  If she doesn't step down after this then I think it would be in the interest of all concerned that you terminate her employment with your paper with immediate effect.
I see from the comment section on her latest article that many others are suitably outraged over this and I urge you to take action with immediate effect.
Please let me know how you are going to deal with this blatant anti-white racist.
Mark Kennedy

The reply from Stacey, reveals that she is either ignorant of the outrage felt by the readers of the disgusting anti-white racist article or thinks that her reply would end the matter.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting the Birmingham Mail regarding Maureen Messent’s column.

The opinions expressed by Maureen Messent are those of a columnist who writes for the Birmingham Mail, but not necessarily the views of the newspaper itself. We welcome reader comments, and healthy debate on such matters. A selection of these comments will be published in the newspaper’s Views pages.

Best regards
Stacey Barnfield
Executive Editor, Birmingham Mail

Well Stacey, you had an opportunity to rectify the outrage caused by your publishing of the vile article and have chosen not to.

As a result of your inaction, the Corsham Crusader has made an official complaint to the police of racism againt Maureen Messent for her vile article and against your newspaper for publishing it.

We shall keep you informed of our progress.

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