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norpolice_120_x_117I have received the following communication from  Andreas Orvik of the Norwegian police service and have replied to him, linking to this article as my formal reply.

The communication from the Norwegian police, is referring to the bizarre murders of over 70 young people belonging to the Norwegian Labour Party's youth wing on Utoya island that is Northwest of Oslo, in what some people have said was a campaign by the "lone" gunman Anders Breivik to give payback to the families he saw as being responsible for the "Muslim invasion" of Europe.

The families of those killed during the orgy of violence, in which the Norwegian police have been criticised for their pathetically slow response time, are angry that Breivik is likely to be tried as someone who is criminally insane and are demanding that this ruling be changed.  Here is the email from the Oslo police......

Request for law enforcement contact point

The Norwegian police are investigating a serious criminal offence. Anders Behring Breivik is charged with violating the Norwegian Penal Code section 147 a, subsection 1, letter a – as an act of terrorism, having killed and injured a substantial number of people. The offence has a penalty of more than two years of imprisonment.

We kindly ask that you provide us with the name and e-mail address of a contact person to whom we can direct our requests regarding the activities of the accused on your website.

Best regards
Andreas Orvik

Here is my formal reply.


I am proud to be The Editor of The British Resistance site and its predecessor The Home of The Green Arrow and am ultimately responsible for the content of the site, the vetting of comments posted and responding to enquirers like yourself.

Andreas.  First let me sympathise with your country's loss of young people in this terrible crime and let us hope that should Breivik be found not to have been working alone, that those people are also brought to justice.

I think that the people really responsible for this terrible crime are those who have inflicted multiculturalism on the West in their planned genocide of the white people of civilized Western Europe - because  regardless of whether Breivik is insane or not - he is right about the Muslim Invasion and that nightmare scenario would be enough to tip any person over the edge let alone someone like Breivik, who by his terrible actions has proven himself to be mentally unstable.

Now Andreas, I have one concern about your communication in which you write:

We kindly ask that you provide us with the name and e-mail address of a contact person to whom we can direct our requests regarding the activities of the accused on your website.

Now this site and its predecessor site, is read by millions of people around the world, including government officials, newspapers and other media sources.

The site is recognised by The British Library as worthy of being archived for historical purposes and has a superb reputation for only speaking the truth and may well have been read by Breivik at one time or another but of course neither I nor you, can know that for a fact.

So I am curious Andreas.  Are you just contacting patriot sites for the kind of information you are requesting or are you also contacting the Labour and Conservative Party websites and all other sites that Breivik may have visited?

Can you please provide me with any evidence you have, showing that Breivik has been active on this or any of the Green Arrow sites, as I can certainly find no evidence to that effect.

I furthermore, resent the implication that this site was in anyway associated with his actions.

Paul Morris
The Editor of The British Resistance

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