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rabits_120_x_100Sometimes I tell you things, sometimes I don't.  Depends on time constraints, mood and how many cans of boiled beer I have drank.  But this story is mildly interesting.

This site is receiving more and more requests to either appear on TV programmes, give interviews or to take part in televised debates.  I normally reply to these requests with a firm and barely polite NO and do not usually even mention it to you but this latest request from Channel 4 deserves a mention.

Dear Sir,

Steve here, from Neoco – contacting you on behalf of Channel 4.

We are producing Channel 4’s first social reader - a Facebook hub for discussion and debate around issues raised by a ground-breaking new documentary series 'Make Bradford British' - and we'd like to invite you to contribute a short feature article that gives your perspective on the multiculturalism debate.

The Facebook discussion area is part of Channel’s 4 biggest advertising pushes for 2012 so your article will have a very large platform for you to represent your views on being British.

We’re particularly interested in your viewpoint because your position on modern British society will contribute a lot to the debate.

The series explores whether Britain can thrive as a multicultural society - or whether diversity has created a Britain that no longer has an identity. The main question at its heart and that we want to delve deeper into via this discussion page is what it means to be British today.

The purpose of the reader is allow people to explore what is a highly complex and emotionally charged issue via a two-way medium, and in a mature, educated way. The show is going to be widely discussed and publicised and Channel 4 will be promoting it heavily. You can see more details on Channel 4’s website:
The series airs in early March so our deadlines are fairly tight. Please let me know your response as soon as possible - I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks,


OK, fine so far.  Now let us dissect this missive and see what we come up with.  First off, what do we know about Neoco - The Social CRM Agency that is doing the business for Channel 4.

Well as you can see from their site, they clearly need someone with better web skills than the guy they employ now, as it is clearly an eyesore to anybody unlucky enough to land on it.  Why they think a moving image of a pair of fornicating black rabbits in their top banner might make sane people want to employ this loser agency is completely beyond me.

Well Channel 4, which has about as many viewers as Nick Griffin has supporters these days, is not run by the brightest or most honest people in the media but given that most of their staff these days seem to have originated in far off lands I am not surprised by that.

The two part tv series has this on their blurb about the show: Make Bradford British.

Diversity and community experts Taiba Yasseen and Laurie Trott help guide the eight through the experience, to see if, by uniting people within the city, they can create a blueprint for a genuinely multicultural Great Britain.

Now I do not know what a Diversity and Community Expert does, unless it is code words for foreign parasites that feed off the misery of Our Country but I do know that a multicultural Great Britain can never be made to work given that the colonisers have only one real aim and that is the complete occupation of Our Land and that I and all True British Patriots will fight to the death to recover Our Country and occupied cities.  There is a war coming and so you had better get used to that thought.

So I see no wish in contributing and working with Our Enemies.  There is only one way to Make Bradford British, and that is to deport all the illegal immigrants there and encourage those colonisers from overseas to return to their countries of origin.  We can then set about repopulating the area with True British People.

One last thing that you might be interested in doing is their UK Citizenship test on the site - that I failed spectacularly and I defy any normal person to pass it.

Of course the real purpose of the test, is for them to say that wannabee colonisers who have read the garbage book which provides the answers know more rubbish facts about Britain than the True British People and are therefore in some way better British Citizens than you or I.

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