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girlbehindbars_120_x_180I see from looking at the website of Councillor Kevin Edwards, who has well as being the Welsh Coordinator for Britain First, is also one of the driving forces behind the Justice For Linda Lewis Campaign, has revealed more information about the corruption and malpractice of the Welsh Assembly with regards to the kidnapping of a young child at gunpoint by Welsh social services.

In the story, Councillor Edwards states that former Welsh Inspector of Social Services David Johnston deliberately perverted the course of justice and also falsified evidence and certainly appears to have the evidence to support those claims.

The councillor also reveals (and I believe him) that local newspapers in South Wales are aware of the true facts but for reasons that you may only guess at are concealing the truth.

I would suggest that all of you who are concerned about the abuse of our children by the state, take the time out to go read the councillors site and leave him a message of support for his courage in fighting his way forward for Justice for Linda Lewis.

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