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soldier_120_x_160It seems no time at all since this site was posting an article about Remembrance Sunday, as it has done every year since 2007 on its sites but this year I am not going to give you images of pretty poppy fields, poetry and patriotic music, I am going to give you something else to remember when you stand and think about those who have given their limbs and lives for Our Country.

The Poppy originated after The Great War of 1914-1918.  That was supposed to be the War to End All Wars and when you think of how many millions of white brothers slaughtered each other on behalf of their political masters and the secret "elite" whose descendants still rule over us, it would have been nice if it had been true.

But it was not was it?  Because again we started another war in 1939, when we declared war on Germany after they invaded Poland.  It is interesting to note that we did not declare war on the greater danger of the Soviet Union who also invaded Poland.  So what was the 2nd World War all about?  All we did was hand over half of Europe to a worse regime than Nazi Germany.

But let us say that the war was to stop the evils of Fascism coming to Our Country.  Well take a look at these images of the new British Nazi Blackshirts in action in London yesterday.  Police arrested 179 people who were locked up to prevent a possible breach of the peace.


Although these patriots were later released without charge, this simply is not good enough.  Those people arrested were intending to pay their respects to our fallen dead and instead they are treated worse than the moslem scum who burn our national flag and symbolic emblems like the poppy by a police force that is no better than the Nazi Blackshirts of 1939.  The defence of "I was only carrying out orders" did not work at the shameful Nuremburg War Trials and will not work in the future.


Now one of the ways that Nazi Germany exerted control over its people was to employ a vast army of private snoopers called Block Leaders to spy on and listen to the conversations of their fellow citizen.  This of course created a fear of speaking out about the regime and helped create a climate of fear and distrust.

It was also the duty of the Blockleiter to spy on the population and report any anti-Nazi activities to the local Gestapo office; this allowed a Nazi terror state.  This was helped by keeping files on each household (Haushaltskarten).  Due to such activities, Blockleiters were particularly disliked by the general population.

Well the rotating dictatorship are moving us ever closer to a total dictatorship of the elite by recruiting thousands of "citizen snoopers" to report on people who do not sort their rubbish into the correct bins.  To do this anti-British job, they have been given hand held GPS computers, cameras and phone cards.


There is a lot of money being made by using the British Public as unpaid refuse sorters.  All the bins are paid for by the sheep people and the cronies of the establishment are raking it in from the sale of the recycled metal, paper and glass and there are always malicious people willing to do their neighbour a bad turn.

But how long before these disgusting snoopers start recording other bits of information that might be "useful" to our new Nazi Masters?  Who calls at your home?  Do they attend political meetings?  Do they belong to political parties?  You get the drift?

Did our soldiers who fought and died for us, fight for the above?  I do not think so.  Did our soldiers fight and die so that politicians who are not even British could swamp Our Country with immigrants, who had they come to us showing what they really are - colonising invaders - would have been machine-gunned on the landing beaches.  No of course not.

They fought because they thought they were ending wars but you have seen the illegal wars that our masters have started in just a few short years.

  • They bombed the civilians of Serbia into submission and handed their country over to Islam.
  • They are protecting the poppy fields of Afghanistan with a mercenary Army that was once known as The British Army.
  • They invaded Iraq and took part in the murder of its head of state.
  • They invaded Lybia and took part in the horrific murder of its head of state.
  • They are now preparing to bomb Iran into the New World Order.

Those are not the things that my father charged up Sword Beach for in 1944.  He thought he was fighting for freedom but he was wrong.  Sad thing is, he died knowing he was wrong.

But such is the contempt of our political masters who will be seen posing with fake false compassion by the cenotaphs and monuments around the country.  The truth is, this is how they treat their mercenary army of today.

They have destroyed our historic Regiments to remove British Pride in them and put their soldiers and families onto the streets, homeless.

They do not want a "British Army" - They want a mercenary army that will fire on their own people.

They treat our War Dead like something shameful and hide them from the public.

They allow our wounded to be abused by the colonising invaders in mixed wards having closed down the excellent military hospitals that specialsed in the treatment of wounded soldiers.

And if a limbless soldier learns to walk again they strip his benefits for being able to walk 400 yards.

And how else do they reward our wounded soldiers?  They sack them like dogs who they have no further use for.

So today, when you think about Our Fallen heroes remember the above and vow to avenge Our Dead and see that the war criminals like Blair, The Millibands, Cameron and Clegg are tried for their war crimes and hung.

Meanwhile stop your sons joining the new mercenary army and fight for an end to the illegal wars being waged by the evil New World Order.

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