Tuesday 21 October, 2014
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mobilephoneThe new text message fundraising operation that has been set up by Clive Jefferson is a con and that 50% of each £3 arising from a donation text goes to the mobile network and not the BNP!

This news is already spreading fast and huge numbers of people feel extremely angry knowing that half of all the money they have donated by text has gone into the pockets of a network and not the party!

Text 'Donate' to 60777 and the networks take 50% of your money! Is this the kind of fundraising professionalism we can expect from wonderboy Clive Jefferson/Aitken?

BNP text appeals are now the main source of funding for the Griffin circus. This is the brain child of that ‘expert’ Clive Jefferson, a former night club bouncer.

But how many of the ordinary members know that 50% of their £3 donation goes straight to the service provider? To pay a commercial operator HALF of all cash raised is disgusting.

It is common practice in this competitive industry to offer ‘commissions’ to the person who sets the text donation service up, in this case, Clive Jefferson. If Clive is on commission how much and does this come out of the 50% or is his cut on top?

Giving away 50% of members' hard earned money and hiding this scandal from them shows how incompetent and stupid Jefferson is and his level of arrogance and contempt for the membership he is fleecing money from to pay his wages.

Jefferson is a buffoon and a greedy man who cares only about himself. It is time this low life thug was exposed for the money grabbing toad that he is.

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