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Sarah: Maid of Albion


When Asian and Turkish people gather to protect their shops and businesses against rioters, they are praised by the media for "protecting their community".  Meanwhile, white hating liberal's like Christina Odone, a woman's who's one time editorship of the Catholic Herald reduced it to something mostly suitable for lining a parrot's cage, write articles like this, praising the immigrants for, as she puts it, “loving this country more than we do”.

Meanwhile when whites assemble to protect their communities, such as happened in Eltham, they are called “thugs” and “vigilantes”.  Police arrive en-masse and deliberately, albeit relatively unsuccessfully, attempt to provoke violence, in order to cause a "white riot", whilst the lying scum from Channel 4, who had obviously been invited to the show, produce a dishonest and misleading report like this one.   

On the TV news report, it was claimed that white residents "attacked the police" however, despite the presence of TV cameras, this was not shown, in fact apart from close up film of one broken bottle (who knows who threw it, or when), no evidence of violence was shown. It was also claimed that people were shouting "racist abuse" although this was also not shown.

There was no trouble in Eltham, the police attempted to provoke white residents into violence for propaganda purposes, however, apart from, maybe, on frustrated bottle thrower, they did not succeed. Meanwhile so called “journalists” attempted draw an equivalence between the predominantly black rioters, and the peaceful white residents of Eltham.

This is what passes for “truth”, "justice" and “news reporting” in England in 2011.

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